It is our mission to provide the Highest Quality Blue Spirulina Products on the market.  We are dedicated to the continued education, research and health promoting benefits of Blue Spirulina as well as other life re-generating Super foods our sacred earth haves to offer. We are  committed  to  growth and further developing  new health promoting  products for our ever evolving well-being in soul, body, & mind.  Our declaration is to contribute, encourage and support the deepening of human consciousness on every level in connection with all living things.  May we all grow into a deeper state of oneness and love. Mahalo for your continued support! Aloha~ 



Located on the Island of KAUAI.  IMMORTALIZE LLC is a locally owned  and operated company based out of KAPA'A HAWAII. We provide our products to the local community via health food stores , farmers markets and juice bars creating awareness for High Vibration, Organic, Living Super Foods.   

A few words about us