Our Blue Spirulina is a concentrated, 100% Natural Blue pigment extraction, derived from traditional Certified Organic Spirulina.  To get the Blue, the spirulina is sent through a natural proprietary water extraction process specially designed to retrieve the Algae's delicate living nutrients which contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins.

Health & Life Promoting 


Blue Spirulina has been examined in many case studies all over the world and provided substantial results in all different areas of health across the board. It helps  eliminate harmful environmental and electromagnetic toxins from the body. It has significant anti inflammatory properties as well as protective qualities that strengthens the cells and help the body

defend itself from free radicals.

Spirulina is one of the oldest life forms on earth. It is a bacteria credited with  creating earths oxygen atmosphere, making the planet inhabitable for all life to evolve. Blue Spirulina can be understood as the living cellular blue print or  

life essence of this 'miraculous' life promoting Algae. 

When we consume this Algae, we are re-introducing all the innate cellular wisdom and information from this ancient life form and depositing into our cellular database. Its like giving the body a cellular rebooting from an original source of life.  If you are interested in more information research the benefits of phycocyanin and prepare to be amazed!

Quality & Purity

Our Kosmic Blu TM  Blue Spirulina Superfood is of the highest quality and nutraceutical value available in the world. Our Blue Spirulina is made using 100% Organic Spirulina from the worlds leading Certified Organic Spirulina Cultivators, Parry Nutraceuticals.

How to use Kosmic Blu TM Blue Spirulina

Kosmic Blu TM Super Food can be used in all sorts of creative raw food and beverage preparations. For optimal benefit we recommend mixing an 1/8 teaspoon serving in a clear liquid beverage and consuming first thing in the morning as well as throughout the day. Add it to Organic Coconut water, Apple juice, Orange juice, Lemonade, Ice tea, Kombucha, or just cold water with a squeeze of lemon.

Brighten your body, mind and day with Blue! 

Taste, Smell and Flavor

Our Blue Spirulina is very mild in taste. Unlike traditional spirulina and other dried Algae it has a very mellow, slightly nutty aroma. When mixed with something sweet like honey and fruit juices it has a surprising berry like quality that is extremely pleasant.

Absorption & Assimilation

Since the spirulina has been through the water extraction process and concentrated into a fine powder it makes the blue molecule extremely small. When the Blue is consumed with a clear liquid 
with no fats, it absorbs immediately through the pallet and into the blood stream. Because the molecule is so tiny it is able to pass through the blood brain barrier providing some wonderful energizing benefits for the brain and body that many people notice the instant they consume it.  If you have trouble digesting traditional spirulina and chlorophyll rich foods, blue spirulina may be a great alternative for those with digestion sensitivities. 

Cheers to cellular vitality!







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